Second Opinion

Swiss Health Group - Verification of your diagnosis

The second opinion service provides you an scientific answer to you concerns an verification of your diagnosis.

Not a Second Opinon but an Scientific Answer

Do you have doubts regarding the diagnosis of your health problem or of someone you care about, having a second opinion can provide valuable guidance and peace of mind. The second opinion service of Ticino Health in collaboration with Swiss Health Group provides you an scientific answer to you concerns an verification of your diagnosis.

Information with no data is just another opinion.

We believe that the idea of “second opinion” is not truly correct. Medicine is based on science, statistics and measurable results. In collaboration with the Scientific Board of the Swiss Health Group we offer you their complete knowledge, earned through an organized and strict research. Ticino Health organize you this service on distance (remote) or within a consultation in Switzerland.  See the areas of expertise.

How does this work?


Complete the contact form and send us your medical question and all the relevant information on your condition (e.g. medical reports) and imaging results available. It goes without saying that we will handle any information you give us with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. Your informations will be confidential and not given to third persons.


In order to organize your Second Opinion, we will contact you by phone.


By mail, we will send you our offer for the Second Opinion and if requested, for other selected services from Ticino Health (e.g. translation services).


Take the time to look through your personal offer and then confirm it by e-mail. Once we have received the prepayment for your personal offer, we will make all the organisational preparations for your requested services.


One day after we received the prepayment of your personal offer, we will comunicate you by e-mail and phone all details for your requested services. Please note: The prepayment of our offer is not refundable in case of cancellation or modification.


Within 1 week, we will send you your written Second Opinion report by e-mail.

How much does this cost?

  • Remote Second Opinion: 600*
  • Second Opinion within a consultation in Switzerland: 1000*

* All price mentioned are in CHF/EURO/USD


Additional Services on request

We are happy to offer you all these additional services tailored to your personal needs on request:

  • Assistance and translation service from medical doctor, for 250*/hour or 1200*/day.
  • Personal assistance and translation service, for 150*/hour or 700*/day.
  • Organisation of overnight stays in Hotels, Villas, Appartments, etc. for 100*
  • Organisation of transport services as Taxi, Limousine, Shuttle, etc., for 150*
  • Organisation of cultural, sporting and leisure activities, for 250*
  • Organisation of Guest Management services as Butler, Cook, etc., for 300*

* All price mentioned are in CHF/EURO/USD

Further services


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