7-day “high-flyer”

Detox and purification of the body in only 7 days.


The “7-day alkaline-based therapy” cleanses and purifies the body. It is the ideal de-acidification therapy. Simple application with an effective impact.


Our modern way of life means that our bodies almost always contain excess acids. This results in the formation and storage of toxins in various tissues, joints and organs within the body. While acids pollute the body, alkaline bases offer protection. Our alkaline-based therapies offer a range of effective treatments including alkaline-based cleansing and base-forming regeneration. Drinking alkaline herbal tea, water and vegetable juice releases any build-ups in the body. This cleansing process is based solely on alkaline-based baths and wraps with a base rinsing treatment and special alkaline-based stockings. High quality nutrition plays a key role in regeneration during the therapy.



7-day base therapy (treatments on 6 days):

  1. day Alkaline-based foot bath with preliminary talk beforehand and base smoothie, approx. 20 minutes
    Base cushion incl. reflexology therapy, approx. 50 minutes
  2. day Lymph drainage and breathing therapy, approx. 80 minutes
  3. day Alkaline-based peel followed by skin-care treatment and back, neck and head massage, approx. 50. minutes
  4. day Colon hydrotherapy and colon massage, approx. 90 minutes
  5. day Acidosis lymph massage and breathing therapy, approx. 90 minutes
  6. day Smoothing full-body massage, approx. 50 minutes


  • Basic products “Vico Pura”
  • Peeling with basic salt


7 days

Recommended use repetition

For the alkaline-based cleansing and base-forming regeneration of the body, it is recommended to repeat the treatment twice a year.

Recommended preparation

For the colon hydrotherapy it is advised not to take sparkling drinks and spicy foods before and during the treatment.

Recommended effect conservation

To maintain the treatment effect for as long as possible, it is recommended to follow a basic diet and perform on a regular basis (depending on the person) a lymph drainage and colon hydrotherapy.


For this treatment there are no known risks.


CHF 780.- (without hospitality)


Minimum 1 week prior to desired treatment.

Specials information's

  • Bathrobe and towels are at disposal.
  • Self-service buffet (herbal teas, dried fruits, fruit and water)
  • Use of alkaline-based products in steam bath and sauna.
  • Register 30 minutes in advance of the treatment at the reception.
780.- CHF

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