Reconstructive surgery

Reconstructive surgery treatments in Switzerland - Ticino.

The field of reconstructive surgery seeks to restore parts of the body that have been injured, lost or disfigured as a consequence of illness or injury, and to create normal forms and functions in the case of congenital malformations.

  • Scar correction

    Many people are left with scars after accidents, burns or surgery. Aside from the aesthetic problems, scars also impair important functions, such as the stretchability of the skin over joints.

  • Breast reconstruction

    After the partial or complete removal of a breast, reconstruction can begin either during the initial surgery or afterwards in conjunction with further treatment. The body’s own or external material can be used to reconstruct the breast.

  • Skin tumours removal

    Skin tumours are removed surgically. In many cases, laser peeling is used as a secondary treatment.

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