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Like the herbs of TCM pharmacology, all foods were classified according to various properties and energetic effects in Ancient China: according to the nature of their thermal properties (heating or cooling effect within the body), and according to taste and smell (thermal and dynamic effect within the body).


The various properties of the food can, if correctly selected, assist in regulating and maintaining the energetic balance in the body.

At Studio MediShou, dietary therapy is never used in isolation. Instead it is always integrated into a treatment plan, together with acupuncture, auricular acupuncture, herbal therapy or qigong for example. Recommendations for physical movement are also provided. This makes it easier for the patient to follow the dietary recommendations.


TCM dietary therapy is of course suitable for weight issues, but it can also be incorporated into treatment of health issues and problems in a far broader sense.


None if dietary therapy is carried out in line with the TCM diagnosis.


What to expect

The patient fills in a questionnaire to provide information about his/her health status in the practice’s bright reception area. The secretaries and medical assistants are all proficient in several languages and they will be delighted to assist you.

The patient is brought to the consultation room. A private discussion with the doctor can take place here. The patient describes any health problems and answers the targeted questions. The doctor then makes a specific TCM diagnosis, by examining the tongue and pulse for example (29 different types of pulse are identified) in order to determine the nature of the energetic disturbance. Then the patient receives the initial treatment.


The patient brings along all test results (e.g. blood analyses, X-ray images, medical reports) which are linked to the complaints. The patient must also bring any regular medication (together with packaging and accompanying information).

Treatment plan

At the MediShou practice, dietary therapy is never used in isolation. Dietary therapy is always integrated into a treatment plan with other Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment methods.

Recommendations for physical movement are also provided. There is normally daily treatment of one hour for the first week (also on Saturday mornings). Following this intensive phase, the treatment plan is then adapted to the patient’s state of health.


Dietary therapy should last for at least two weeks.


Recommended follow-up treatments

Further therapy at a later juncture may be recommended depending on the problem.

Recommended habits after treatment or therapy

Certain recommendations regarding eating habits, which are specific to each patient depending on their issue, should continue to be heeded once the treatment is complete.

Risks & complications

None if dietary therapy is carried out under the supervision of and according to the instructions of the TCM doctor.

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