Audiology & vestibular evaluation

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Diagnostics, prevention, correction and rehabilitation for deficits in the auditive and vestibular system.


The main symptoms of ear problems are hypoacusis, tinnitus, dizziness, otalgia and otorrhea. Whenever a patient presents with an ear problem a complete medical history must be taken and a well-defined objective examination must be performed with particular attention to the ear, nose, nasopharynx and paranasal sinuses.


Ear problems such as hearing loss, otalgia, otorrhea, tinnitus (whistling, buzzing, etc), dizziness.


What to expect

At the evaluation you always proceed with a visit with the audiovestibular specialist for evaluation of the case and any new developments.


It is necessary to bring up eventual audiological examinations performed in the past.

Treatment plan

According to the indications the following tests may be performed:

Audiometric exam
The audiometric exam is a test used to determine the patient’s auditive threshold.

Impedancemetric examination (Tympanometry, Stapedial Reflexology)
The impedencemetric exam is an audiologic method able to evaluate physical characteristics of the ear.

Proof of tubular function
The study of tubular function helps early identification of eventual changes in the ventilation and drainage me

Vestibular exam
The otovestibular exam (or simply vestibular) comprises various clinical tests with the scope of studying the function of the equilibrium organ. Ear problems such as hearing loss, otalgy, otorhea, tinnitus (whistling, buzzing, etc), dizziness.


The first visit takes roughly 15 to 30 minutes. A second visit of approx. 30 minutes might be necessary depending on the necessity for further testing.

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