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Knee joints are exposed to considerable strain. We sometimes place considerable stress on our knees, and not only when engaging in physical exercise. The joints cannot always withstand this.

  • Knee joint arthrosis

    Arthrosis of the knee joint is by far the most frequent form of joint wear and tear. To treat knee joint arthrosis various options are available. The choice depends on the individual’s situation and the degree of severity of the disorder.

  • Torn cruciate ligament

    A torn cruciate ligament in the knee is normally caused by a sports accident. The cruciate ligaments ensure sufficient support in the joint. If they are injured, there is a risk of instability in the knee and, in the long term, of arthrosis. In most cases, a torn cruciate ligament must be operated on.

  • Meniscus damage

    The meniscus acts as a buffer in the knee. It bears and distributes weight evenly over the joint. A precise diagnosis is needed to decide on the right course of treatment. Based on the results, the type of treatment which offers you the best treatment outcome is selected.

  • 3D replicas of scanned images

    Three-dimensional surveys gives the opportunity for surgeons to analyse the problem exactly as if the patient was in front of them.

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