Hip joint

Hip joint surgery in Switzerland - Ticino.

Already from the age of 30, symptomless wear and tear of the hip joint sets in. With advancing age, wear and tear, accidents or other causes may lead to a destruction of the hip joint.

  • Hip joint necrosis

    Hip joint necrosis is caused by necrosis of part of the osseous head of the femur. Hip joint necrosis is a process that normally takes years and is often diagnosed at a late stage. Treatment involves the surgical insertion of an artificial hip joint (endoprosthesis).

  • Hip joint arthrosis

    Hip joint arthrosis entails a loss of joint cartilage in the head of the femur or in the acetabular fossa. Depending on the clinical picture, there are numerous treatment options. Once all conservative options have been exhausted, surgery should be considered.

  • 3D replicas of scanned images

    Three-dimensional surveys gives the opportunity for surgeons to analyse the problem exactly as if the patient was in front of them.

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