Back & spine

Back & spine surgery in Switzerland - Ticino.

Acute and chronic back pain has become an endemic disease. Computer work, less and less outdoor physical exercise, sitting bent over or bending to lift heavy objects, as well as mental strain are the causes.

  • Disk surgery

    There are various therapeutic approaches to the treatment of disk problems. Surgery should only be performed when there is a risk of permanent damage to nerves or the spinal cord and if pain persists despite conservative treatment.

  • Medical history & diagnosis

    The precondition for the optimum treatment of the diverse manifestations of back disorders and back pain is the recording of the patient’s medical history and the establishing of a precise diagnosis.

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At Ticino Health, you have access to everything from one source: competent advice for the planning of your health trip, individualised offerings with a treatment plan, comprehensive complementary services and personal assistance on site.

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