Multiple Drug Resistance Bacteria

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Multiple-drug resistance bacteria are unfortunately a common problem in modern medicine. In many cases, a personalized and specific approach guided by an infectious disease specialist is required to cure the patient from the infection.


A specific therapy guided by an infectious disease specialist to cure a difficult-to-treat infection caused by resistant bacteria.


Presence of any kind of multidrug resistant bacteria, for example: MRSA, ESBL, VRE, Carbapenemase producing bacteria as E. coli, Klebsiella.


What to expect

A specialist in infectious diseases will perform a complete physical examination and will study carefully all tests already carried out. In order to develop a therapy, he or she can schedule further microbiological or radiological examinations. Once all the results are available, your doctor will offer you a specific treatment.


The infection disease specialist need a copy of all medical records linked to the infection. Microbiological analysis with bacterial resistance pattern are of major interest.

Treatment plan

Once all the required results are available, your specialist in infectious diseases will offer you a targeted therapy plan. If necessary, your doctor will organize and coordinate other specialists (such as surgeons, orthopedics surgeon, gynecologists, dermatologists, pulmonologists).


Depending on the problem. Will be discussed during the first visit.


Depending on the problem. Will be discussed during the first visit.

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