Gynaecology & obstetrics

Gynaecology treatments in Switzerland - Ticino

This discipline is responsible for the prevention and treatment of genital disorders. Specialists are on hand to advise you on menstruation and menopause disorders, as well as contraception and family planning, and to accompany you throughout your pregnancy.

  • Breast cancer

    Breast cancer is the most frequent form of cancer in women. Gynaecologists, surgeons, radiologists, pathologists, oncologists, radiation therapists and nurses work hand in hand on its early detection and treatment.

  • Pregnancy counselling

    The health of mother and child is at the centre of every pregnancy. This includes advice and support on all aspects of pregnancy, birth and lying-in, risk pregnancies, use of homeopathy and acupuncture in particular for pregnancy disorders.

  • Prenatal diagnostics

    In prenatal diagnostics, the state of health of the unborn child in the womb is assessed. The examination looks for congenital (e.g. hereditary diseases) and any foetal diseases that may occur during pregnancy.

  • Delivery room & maternity ward

    Birth is one of the most beautiful moments in a family’s life. To ensure that the birth is a positive experience, the best facilities, doctors, nurses, paediatric nurses and qualified nursery nurses are at your disposal.

A complete service

At Ticino Health, you have access to everything from one source: competent advice for the planning of your health trip, individualised offerings with a treatment plan, comprehensive complementary services and personal assistance on site.

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