Sperm retrieval techniques

Techniquees of sperm retrieval

The sperm retrieval techniques allow to respond to particular problems of male infertility. There use is made in the cases of absence of sperm in the ejaculate (situation that is called azoospermia and that is not always due to a lack of production by the testis, but sometimes also to an obstruction of the seminal tract) and proceeds with the extraction of the male seed by surgery. The most successful techniques are:

  • TESE that involves the removal of testicular tissue
  • microTESE, that involves the removal of testicular tissue with the aid of a microscope
  • MESA, that involves the microsurgical epididymal aspiration

The choice of technique to be implemented depends on the cause that provokes azoospermia and on healt state of the patient. In all cases, the Andrologist proceeds only after extensive genetic, hormonal, serological, clinical and ultrasound testing to have a full clinical picture of the patient.

The sperm recovered in this way, although few in number, can be used in assisted fertilization through ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). The excess seed can be cryopreserved to be available again of the couple in the event of other attempts and then to avoid subjecting the man to a new intervention by sperm extraction.

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