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Cosmetic dental treatments in Switzerland - Ticino

Laughing is healthy, and it is easier to laugh when you have beautiful teeth. Cosmetic dentistry offers various ways of improving the appearance of your teeth.

  • Smile Makeover

    Smile Makeover is a customized combination of various cosmetic dental procedures intended to optimize your smile’s beauty and to enhance your overall appearance.

  • Veneers

    Veneers are the premier league of cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are used to hide discolouration and fill in gaps. Veneers are soft shells that are glued to the front side of the tooth and cling to the tooth surface like contact lenses.

  • Ceramic inlays

    A ceramic inlay is a tooth filling produced in the lab or using a CAD-CAM method, which is permanently inserted into the tooth. When treating a caries defect, priority is often given to ceramic inlays over other types of tooth fillings for cosmetic reasons.

  • 3D replicas of scanned images

    Three-dimensional surveys gives the opportunity for surgeons to analyse the problem exactly as if the patient was in front of them.

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