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A coronary bypass is the most frequently performed operation in heart surgery. This surgery is performed to treat coronary heart disease in which arteriosclerosis leads to a narrowing of the coronary vessels resulting in reduced blood supply to the cardiac muscle.


Coronary Surgery is the main surgical activity of Cardiocentro Ticino in terms of figures. The service mainly performs aortocoronary bypass surgery, for which increasingly safe and non-invasive techniques and procedures are used. In some cases, the experience and expertise of our surgeons has contributed to the fine-tuning of those same techniques – and continues to do so.


C-Port and PAS-Port

The C-Port and PAS-Port techniques are the state-of-the-art at a worldwide level in the path towards endoscopic bypass, a target now reached. These devices make it possible to automatically install in the aorta (PAS-Port) and in the coronary artery (C-Port) the blood vessel that makes it possible to bypass the obstructed tract of the coronary artery. Thanks to the PAS-Port technique - a routine procedure at Cardiocentro in open surgery – manipulation of the aorta is minimised, as is the risk of embolic detachment.

Ventricular reconstruction

For the treatment of left ventricular aneurysm, a frequent consequence of a heart attack, we adopt the technique of geometric ventricular reconstruction. This kind of surgery, whose goal is to respect as much as possible the morphology of the heart muscle, offers important benefits in terms of myocardial contractility and efficiency.

The off-pump technique

As in the most outstanding and prestigious international heart centres, the Cardiocentro cardiac surgery team can perform bypass surgery without using a heart-lung machine, while the heart is still beating. This is an important possibility in surgery since it helps prevent the complications connected to the use of the heart-lung machine in patients whose clinical situation includes a number of risk factors.

The endoscopic preparation of the mammary artery

In those cases in which it is possible to implant a bypass using the mammary artery, the procedure can be performed with the mini-thoracotomy technique – that is to say, without opening the chest completely. In order for this to be possible, the mammary artery must be "prepared" by freeing a mammary artery troncus so that it can be moved onto the heart.

At Cardiocentro, this preparatory stage is performed via endoscopy, thus significantly reducing the invasiveness of the procedure.

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