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Physical Therapy for patients with and after cancer. Oncologic physical therapy focuses specifically on the impairments, disabilities and participation problems in cancer patients.


Maintaining strength during cancer treatments helps to prevent or reduce the risk of complications, such as infection, as well as to enhance quality of life. Physical therapy helps patients and their caregivers regain a sense of hope and control over their health by teaching proper and safe exercise to rebuild function, endurance, and muscle and bone strength. Even a small amount of exercise can help patients decrease side effects and provide benefits such as decreased anxiety and an increased sense of control.


The oncologic physical therapy Cancer Care can be used in all phases of the disease: the curative phase (recovery phase), the palliative phase and/or the terminal phase. Each stage requires a specific treatment by the oncologic physiotherapist, because the treatment differences the goals for each phase. In the curative phase the goals are regaining the lost or diminished skills. In the palliative phase the treatment goals are the preservation of the skills which are still present. In the terminal phase the treatment goals, are especially guiding the patient in the ever-decreasing skills.


The oncologic physiotherapist is aware of the possibilities and limitations of this therapy. Together with your oncologist he or she will decide if you are suitable for the oncology physiotherapy.


What to expect

Within a first consultation the important topics for the treatment will be discussed and together the goals of the treatment will be chosen.


It is important that the medical record is brought for inspection.

Treatment plan

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to check in. At your appointment, a licensed rehabilitation therapist will review your doctor's notes and instructions, and complete an evaluation of your problem. The therapist will then design an individualised program to help you achieve your goals. This plan will be carried out by a team of experienced therapists and therapy assistants.


For one therapy 45 minute are scheduled, but it may last longer.



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