Men's health treatments in Switzerland - Ticino

Various specialists hold an additional qualification in andrology. A range of treatment options is available for male disorders such as infertility or prostate cancer.

  • Diagnosis & treatment of male infertility

    Male infertility manifests in a reduction of sperm count, a restriction of sperm mobility and sperm malformation. The causes are very varied and may be of a hormonal nature, a consequence of damage to the testicular tissue or due to the intake of certain drugs.

  • Prostate cancer

    Prostate cancer is the most frequent form of cancer in men. If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, there are several treatment options oriented towards the type and stage of the tumour, your individual needs and your age.

  • Robotic Prostatectomy

    Robotic prostate cancer surgery system is able to provide superior clinical prostate cancer treatment results when compared to non-robotic traditional and scope-assisted procedures.

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