Mom’s to be Package

Motherhood is one of the most beautiful experiences in a woman's life. So you can fully enjoy the sensations of pregnancy we developed a Medical-Wellness package tailored to your needs.


A pregnancy is accompanied by many physical and mental challenges. Back pain, heavy legs, hormone roller coaster are rather unpleasant side effects of pregnancy. Of course, behind these complaints can also hide a more serious cause. For this reason the "Package Mom’s to be" offers, in addition to the spa services, also medical examinations at our selected specialists.


Basically is any stage of pregnancy suitable for wellness holiday, because you deserve at any time to let yourself be pampered. However, the first trimester of pregnancy often is overshadowed by all sorts of complaints and the fear of a miscarriage, so you probably feel ready for a spa break only upon the second trimester of your pregnancy.


The „Mom’s to be Package" offers you a individualized and sustainable plan to enable prenatal health antepartum and allows you to fully enjoy the joy on the baby.

The „Mom’s to be Package" is created individually for you and can be organized by a minimum stay of 7 days in any length - including birth and beyond.

The options are

  • Hotels with spa facilities, apartments incorporated in hotels, holiday apartments
  • Physicians specialized in gynecology, acupuncture, pediatric, dentistry
  • Privat clinic with suites
  • Physiotherapist, nutritionists, personal trainers, Yoga
  • Water gymnastic course, Childbirth courses
  • Wellness offers


Bring with you the results of laboratory tests and certificates of medical examinations.

Treatment plan - One week program


  • 6 nights in a double room with lake view
  • Rich breakfast buffet
  • Half board with dinner
  • Free access to the Spa


  • A gynecological examination
  • A consultation with a doctor who specializes in acupuncture treatments for problems like sciatica, back pain, constipation, heavy legs


  • One special massage for expectant mothers
  • One special facial treatment for expectant mothers


  • Dietician's to review your food habits and make recommendation for proper nutrition during pregnancy, lactation or to lose weight after the birth of the child
  • Personal trainer to assess the physical fitness of women in pregnancy and recommend an exercise regimen that suits their particular health needs
  • Medical specialists, for example in dermatologie to discuss the treatment options for skin conditions related to pregnancy, problems with the veins of the legs, etc.
  • Dentist


The „Mom’s to be Package" is created individually for you and can be organized by a minimum stay of 7 days in any length - including birth and beyond.

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