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From routine care to complex case management, you’re never far from Ticino Health services.

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    Medical Evaluation

    A medical evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of a patient’s overall medical history for the purpose of identifying a complete up to date diagnostic route with particular attention to innovative diagnostic. Read more

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    Second Opinion

    The second opinion service provides you an scientific answer to you concerns an verification of your diagnosis. Read more

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    Comparative effectiveness research (CER)

    The Comparative Effectiveness Research can provide a detailed picture of the different procedures used for the treatment of the same disease; your disease. Read more

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    VIP Concierge

    A special service offered by Ticino Health to public figures. Discretion and exclusivity in all areas is the ambition of the Ticino Health VIP Concierge Programme, which provides a personal VIP Concierge at your disposal around the clock. Read more

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    International Healthcare Management

    Ticino Health’s International Healthcare Management Service is designed to enhance quality and to increase efficiency of a patient treatment process, so that our patients and their families can concentrate on only one thing: Feeling better! Read more

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    Complementary services

    Ticino Health and his international service provider team offers all the necessary complementary services which will make a patient treatment process as pleasant and as stress-free as possible. Read more

Ein kompletter Service

Bei Ticino Health bekommen Sie alles aus einer Hand, kompetente Beratung für die Planung Ihrer Gesundheitsreise, personalisierte Angebote mit Behandlungsplan, umfangreiche Zusatzleistungen und persönliche Betreuung vor Ort.

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